How we came to the idea of breeding a litter !


It started like it always starts

we felt in love with these "gentle giants", picked up puppy Zabine in March 2000

and as it was so much fun we felt the need
to add another leo to your family too.

April 2002 puppy-boy Brenko
joined our family

- even more fun -

and we got with the assistance and
"being pushed with mild pressure"

by the owner of Brenko's Dad interest
to show our leos for

the very first time .............and surprisingly


"....we quiet liked it...", especially if people

admired our "gentle giants"

Being dedicated to that majestic and impressive breed


we dared to do the next step

- and decided to celebrate "dogs wedding"

After a will, finally, its happened, our first litter was born.


Von Dender Lwe F Litter